Some Special Moments

Two families (one just immigrating from New Zealand, the other from Bairnsdale, Victoria) meet at the Tamworth Country Music Festival in 1988. From there, their lives become intertwined when the siblings Anthony and Michelle Stewart married brother and sister, Tracy and Steven Sherrah.


Now both couples live in Adelaide, have families and continue to sing together. Combining their love for country, harmonies and gospel music, this extremely popular and successful South Australian Country Music family bring a unique blend of harmonies and acoustic style to their performances. The band consists of Tracy and Anthony Stewart, and Steven and Michelle Sherrah.


The Sherrah’s band also gained much notoriety on the nation wide circuit when The Sherrahs released 'Keep in the light' on ABC country and followed up with ‘Reason and Rhyme’ in 2002, at the Red Brick Music Studio, which was a finalist in the Victorian Country Music Awards Group Section. The Sherrahs have also worked with some of Australia’s top acts.



  • Recorded “Kiwi Country Tape: Take the Time” 1990

  • Anthony and Michelle played at the opening of the Slim Dusty Movie.

  • Michelle was a Star Maker Finalist

  • Formerly named 'Apple Juice', The Sherrahs won the Frank Harding Memorial Award for Excellance at the Riverland Country Music Festival (1994)

  • Gained a Contract with ABC Country in 1995.

  • The Sherrahs Won South Australian Song of the Year ---- 1996  (SAMI) South Australian Music Industry Award for Keep In the Light.

  • Tamworth Songwriters Association : TSA : 1997 Songwriters Salute,  Gospel Song of the Year : Keep in the Light of the Lord (written Chris Sherrah/Steven Sherrah)

  • 1999 APRA South Australian Country Song of the year 'Give Me Some Time' written by Steven Sherrah and Richard Porteous.

  • 1998 Song of the Year 'If you believe' written by Steven Sherrah and Richard Porteous.

  • Support Act for Kasey Chambers, Wool Shed, 2001

  • Inducted into the South Australian Country Music Hall of Fame, Barmera

      Tracy, Steven, and Chris (Mum) June 2002

      Anthony June 2010