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The Sherrahs : Little Moments

Our pretty white dog covered in mud!

One of our favourite songs that Steven wrote and Tracy recorded is Little Moments.


It captures many moments of Michelle and Steven's girls when they were little. You know the

little moments we have with our children (and sometimes pets) that cause us to go grey -

to want to pull our hair out - like the day when our puppy played in the mud, or when the girls

decided to get the flour bag out and dropped it on the floor - what a mess that made! They become

the treasured moments that become stories in our lives, and our children's lives that we talk about around the table.


"Little Moments that take your breathe away, tiny heart beats that grow old way too soon,

time goes fast but don't stop lookin' for Little Moments that'll mean so much to you."


So let us capture some of your Little Moments, please email us on to let us know your family stories and they may feature on our website.


Here are some of the stories that were shared with us when we were at:

  • We live in a really dry area. Christmas Day, just about to sit down to Christmas tea with turkey. The nine year old came in to let them know that the four year old daughter was burning off the paddock outside. So we had to put out the fire all on our own. 

  • We had a pool and kept it covered and nice. The son came in to tell them that the daughter (4) was cleaning it. When they came to see it, the the bubbles were over flowing. No pool for summer. 

  • We painted our verandah green paint. We had taken off the door, and laid it on the ground so we could paint it another colour. When we came out later to paint the door, a pretty pattern off tiny feet were left all over the door. 

  • When a tall, bald male friend of the family was doing some outside work, when my granddaughter of 3 years old was asked to put on a hat. She looked at the male and said 'I don't need a hat, I've got hair'.

  • When visiting our Grandma in the holidays at Brinkworth, we'd pick and eat the fruit from the Quandong Tree, then we'd continue to eat them on the way home to Adelaide - throwing our seeds out the window at Port Wakefield. All the trees that were growing on the side of the road were started by us!

  • The moment when I realised that I had used one of the kids' toothbrushes - ahh!

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